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8-Bit Christmas – New 2021 Movie Recommendation

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8-Bit Christmas – Introduction

Dear nostalgic of Nintendo, it’s Christmas, and we have a gift for you. It’s the perfect movie for this season. It will warm the heart of everyone who lives the first Nintendo’s era, because dear new generations, you have to understand: this is not a videogame, this is a Nintendo Entertainment System!

It was something that could define your status, something similar to a modern iPhone but, maybe, packed with more fun and dreams.

We recommend you “8-Bit Christmas” because it’s an excellent way to connect past and new generations. And the main protagonist is Neil Patrick Harris, from another legendary series; wait for it…yes, Barney Stinson from “How I met your mother.”

There is a lot to enjoy, and we hope it will bring you an exciting family Christmas.

8-Bit Christmas – Details about the movie

Release DateNovember 2021 in the U.S.A.
CountryUnited States
GenreComedy Family Christmas
Duration1 hour and 37 minutes
DirectorMichael Dowse
ActorsWinslow Fegley (Jake young) – Neil Patrick Harris (Jack adult) – Steve Zahn (John)

8-Bit Christmas – The Story

Jake Doyle (Neil Patrick Harris) has come home for Christmas. He tells his daughter how he got a Nintendo Entertainment System on Christmas Day in 1988, and his sister got a “real” Cabbage Patch doll. Telling him that video games are bad for kids will not stop young Jake and his friends. How far will they go? (From IMDB)

8-Bit Christmas – Trailer

8-BIT CHRISTMAS – Official Trailer

Where you can watch 8-Bit Christmas

The movie is currently available on HBO Max, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

We haven’t watched the movie yet, but we would love to know your opinion in the comment section below. And stay tuned and follow us in our social media, because we could release our analysis.

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