Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves (2013)- What is Justice when the law fails?

“Big Bad Wolves” is a psycho-thriller that will leave you questioning several topics, such as: Justice and mental health conditions, relationships between men and women and the fragile side of revenge. Just don’t think the film is too serious because, in the ongoing craziness, you will find yourself laughing in front of the brutality of our character’s actions.

Let me offers you another reason why you should watch it. Quentin Tarantino said that this was the best movie of 2013. And I think this is a valid reason to move forward with our analysis.

Big Bad Wolves – The Story

Somewhere in Israel, three children are playing together while suddenly one of them disappears. The local police start their investigations with some questionable methodologies, finding the main suspect of the crime.
But the police doesn’t properly manage the case. And this leads to cross the lives of three people, all of them looking for revenge. For different reasons, but connected by the same story.

A lot will happen, with twisting moments and madness. The end seems like a complete failure for each character, for the police and us. Because, probably, Justice is not an easy topic to handle.

Big Bad Wolves - Micki
Big Bad Wolves – Micki

Big Bad Wolves – Reasons Why and Analysis

The film left us a lot to cover and to digest. It’s a great movie, and these are some of the points we want to highlight for you.

The role of Justice

Everyone is looking for Justice for different reasons. But for any of them, it has more the taste of cruel revenge. There is no space to listen to any justification, to any fact. They think their idea is accurate, but they don’t have any proof to accuse Dror in reality. 

What happens when the authority fails in delivering the law to its citizens?

Let’s be for a moment in the difficult position which Gidi needs to face. 

  • How would you react? Will you do the same crazy steps he did?
  • Can the police guarantee the law to each of us?
  • And what happens when it fails?

I think most of us will behaved the same because we are wolves looking for revenge. The role of Justice appears now clear. It exists to bring back the humanity lost in the sadness of grieving and suffering. To offer another chance and re-educating who is not able to understand the difference between good and evil.

And it should remember us that each of us can make mistakes in life, even if some are difficult to be forgiven. 

Big Bad Wolves - Confrontation
Big Bad Wolves – Confrontation

The failures of our characters

Gidi, Dror and Micky have different stories but some analogies. 

  • Each of them failed their relationships with their women. 
  • They are alone, perhaps frustrated for the unlucky events of their lives. 

Micky wants to prove that he is still a valid policeman. Gidi that he can bring Justice and peace to his family. Yoram wants to feel still alive, remembering that his job brought people finding justice. Dror is just a victim of society and of his weaknesses. 

Each of them lives on his convictions without questioning if they are cleverly acting. The reality is that they won’t understand what they did, their mistakes and, perhaps, they will never find their peace again.
It’s a failure that reminds us that irrationality is not the solution to our problem, painful that it can be.

Madness is not exclusive to serial killers.

The whole movie moves around the concept of torture, physical and mental. Nothing can provide relief to our characters. Gidi teaches us that serial killers fear other psychopaths. Suddenly, we discover that Gidi looks more insane than Dror. That madness lives inside each of us.

What feels weird is that we will find ourselves laughing for some episodes during the story, while brutality is the scene’s protagonist. And it let us asking if we are mad too or no, if we are behaving correctly during the moments of the film or if we should be serious and live the sadness of scenes.

Big Bad Wolves - Dror
Big Bad Wolves – Dror

The beginning and the end

The beginning and the end of the film are two different sides of the same world. The first scene is the picture of the pure beauty of childhood; it’s the desire to play and escape reality. The cinematography and the music are excellent. We can feel the poetry of that moment, where children are the protagonists.

In contrast, the end is the failure of the grown people, of the authorities, of justice. It’s the truth which hides behind invisible walls. The revelation we discover at the end punishes our characters because they will never know the truth. All their actions are a failure and what remains is just the brutal approach of some moments of total madness.

Among all the questions the film brings to us, there is an exciting side. We will ask us ourselves if Dror is guilty or no. If tortures are the answers to the failures of the authority. It will keep us engaged till the last frame, and for this reason, we think that Big Dad Wolves deserves an:


Where you can watch Big Bad Wolves

The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Check this link to see where you can watch the movie in your country.

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