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Blonde – Story and Trailer – Netflix Movie 2022  

Blonde is a discussable experiment brought on by Netflix in 2022. We had the opportunity to watch it, and we feel we have to recommend you because the film is at least unique.

Don’t expect the precise reproduction of Marlyn’s biography; otherwise, you will be disappointed. But instead, a fictional biography inspired by the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates, “Blonde”.

Another good reason to watch “Blonde” is to admire the performance delivered by Ana de Armas in the role of Marilyn. She is genuinely touching, and we loved how Ana managed to reproduce facial expressions, dancing movements and part of Marilyn’s soul. It’s a remarkable performance that may target an Oscar nomination.

The film received a 2022 Nominee at the Venice Film Festival for Best Film.

Movie Details

Release DateSeptember 2022 in America
GenreBiography – Romance – Drama
Duration2 hours and 47 minutes
DirectorDan Berk and Robert Olsen
ActorsAna de Armas (Norma Jeane) – Lily Fisher (Young Norma Jeane)

Without providing any spoilers, you will love the costumes, Ana and the reproduction of the glorious scenes and environments. But you will find yourself questioning the meaning of this movie.

We are planning a detailed review, but let us know your opinion after you have watched Blonde.

The Story.

Blonde explores the life of Norma Jeane and her artistic transformation in the legendary role of Marilyn Monroe. But, again, this is not an authentic biography but a creative experiment to deliver a fictional story of Marilyn Monroe.

The film explores the challenging split Norma Jeane needed to deal with to become the most iconic, beautiful, and legendary actress ever.

Blonde – Trailer

BLONDE | From Writer and Director Andrew Dominik | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where can you watch Blonde

Blonde is currently available on Netflix. But check the following link to discover where you can watch the movie in your country.

We hope you will enjoy “Blonde” at least a bit more than we did. Ana de Armas deserves it, but the director, Andrew Dominik, could have delivered a masterpiece.

It was a film that created a lot of expectations. But it was finally a way to celebrate the Diva we love. Instead, we felt that the film damaged Marilyn and missed several key points of her life and personality that could have made Blonde a masterpiece.

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