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Cherry – Introduction

Can just a sentence have the power to change your life and destroy it till the point where you can find your purpose and yourself?

Cherry delivers an engaging story and denounces our system. But it’s also the celebration of true love. It has been released on February 2021, and it’s currently available on Apple+. The duration is 2 hours and 22 minutes, which won’t get you bored at all.

The movie is based on a novel, written by Nico Walker, with the same title. And we loved the fact that the film offers you this book experience. There are a lot of monologues by our protagonist. We learned a lot from his thoughts, fears and we can feel guided through the story like we are listening to a dear friend.

The movie is intense, full of life.

  • True love and friendships;
  • hopes and delusions;
  • war and drugs;
  • controversial characters evolutions;

It will teach us how we never finish growing as humans. Even if the price to be paid is the worst part of it. It’s the continuous exchange of chaos and order, of horror and true love.

It’s a journey around 5 phases of Cherry’s life. During the different stage, we experience many emotions, sadness, cruelty and romanticism, everything at his own time. Our characters will have to strive to overcome their fears, find themselves, and understand that there is a way to achieve their dreams and their place in this world. Will they succeed?

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Cherry (2021) – The Story

The movie starts in Cleveland, where our protagonist is just a regular guy, growing into a reality full of difficulties and challenges. The same for Emily, interpreted by Ciara Bravo. Both are looking for existential answers which are not quickly coming. 

Cherry – Tom Holland at the bank

You will easily connect with both of the protagonists during this journey in their lives. When Cherry starts to find some answers, Emily finds more questions.

And then, just a sentence will change the whole story. The responses they were looking for became instead emptiness and the desire to fulfil it with new opportunities. Perhaps not logical, but life is not always rational. So, he decides to join the army, studies medicine and helps people and soldiers in Iraq.

The movie will guide us through different stories and a lot of craziness, sadness and attempt of kindness.

After he came back home, life won’t be the same anymore. This experience doesn’t leave you what a journey can do, but something different that changes everything. And this is a true story, which involves real soldiers coming back from the war zone. It starts a dark time in their lives, full of challenges.

But in this time of new questions, both of them will learn and teach us something so powerful that it can change them and our lives. Something which goes behind war, cruelty and mental health issues. They will live several adventures and misadventures, and together they will try to find their answers. Are you ready to find out about them?

Cherry (2021) – Movie’s Analysis and Rating

There are no doubts that Russo’s brother delivered a terrific movie. We have on the table all the ingredients for an excellent story. And it’s very well directed and interpreted by our team.

There are important denounces against our system.

  • The bank system, which seems the victim, becomes one of the members of a wrong bureaucracy machine. Instead of supporting their customers who need help, they charge them for overdrafts. In this paradox, it seems that our protagonists can’t even take back their money and bank seems to steal from their clients. And, perhaps, Cherry chooses his revenge, punishing this injustice with another crime. In the attempt to restore the situation, that, in the end, seems to be the correct result considering what he will do when everything seems lost.
  • The military world suffers also condemns. But unfortunately, the reality, the rules and the way to shape our soldiers is instead something that ruins their existences. And this is quite scary, as traces of this movie are part of real lives.

Cherry – The Iraq War
  • The drugs system and the powerful addictions are other essential themes the movie tries to face and stand. And I think this film attempts to adequately describe it and make it real for each of us. And, in my opinion, it does very well.

But there are good things to celebrate.

Their love story is so pure and inspiring. They are made to be together. And they love and support each other in any situation, living love for what it is: be there to support each other, no matters the consequences you need to pay. It’s just love, without any doubts. Only the desire to be together, in the good and bad situations life will offer. So even when quitting is the logical and straightforward solution, they remind us that love is to stay even when life is complicated. And this is a big lesson for each of us.

Cherry - Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo
Cherry – Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo


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