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Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers | Story and Trailer | Disney Movie 2022 

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Today we want to suggest you Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers, a 2022 movie production from America. It’s time for a film for the whole family, where good messages are delivered with a great dose of laughs.

The film is the celebration of the noble value of true friendship. In a world where cartoons and humans are living together, the memories of Roger Rabbit are coming to our minds. Chip and Dale is a gift for the 90s generation, but also for everyone who can’t stop to dream with a good heart filled of life.

Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers – Story

Thirty years after their popular television show ended, chipmunks Chip and Dale live very different lives. When a cast member from the original series mysteriously disappears, the pair must reunite to save their friend.

Movie Details

Release DateMay 2022 in America
Duration1 hour and 37 minutes
DirectorAKiva Schaffer
ActorsAndy Samberg (Dale) – John Mulaney (Chip) – Kiki Layne (Ellie)

Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers– Trailer

Official Trailer | Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers | Disney+

Where you can watch Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers.

The movie is currently available on Disney but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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Did you enjoy Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers?

We hope you enjoyed the film. Let us know your opinion in the comment section. And let us suggest you a couple of great animated movies: Turning Red, Encanto, Raya and the Last Dragon.

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  1. A rare squalor happened, of course. The characters are like the pictures of a bad artist, flat and empty. Facial expressions and forms are alien. There is no aesthetic admiration for this attempt at 3d expression. No grace or beauty. There is no depth and love, not an adequate plot. Inappropriate flat humor. A fierce mockery of the secret. An absurd untalented product without a sense of beauty, reminiscent of the same pirated products from the movie. They dumped everything in a heap and made a huge unintelligible dump. A bunch of some defective characters, like the Sonic who talks about the existence of the original Sonic, by the way … Completely unreasonably mocked the key points, just for fun. One can often hear about the main delicate event that this is such a specific joke — an attempt to justify the incompetent “creators” who, due to their “giftedness”, have no idea how great creations continue. If no one understands the joke, is it a success? We all understand how society looks at those who joked unsuccessfully. And how they perceive those whose jokes are not appropriate and not funny. What do those whose jokes are funny only to them look like. For this, usually, you can get in the face. And even if otherwise, if everyone and everything suddenly understood, then this fake does not automatically become magnificent and worthy of its original. Comedy is completely out of place here, as are its creators-comedians. They do it under the sauce “We love the Rescuers.” Well, well… Couldn’t do it, really, like Disney, in general.
    Only that picture was remembered, which hung on the wall at the “actor” Monty. And how wonderful it would be if the film (or its redemption) were in this style and with an adequate plot.Luckily, this is not an original reality that could continue canon. To understand this substitution, which tried to continue the series, it is enough to see in the film an episode with the participation of Akiva Shaffer, who allegedly filmed the original series in 1990, be it wrong – thanks.
    The real creators would hardly have been satisfied.