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Why you should watch Encanto.

Released by Disney in 2021, Encanto won 16 awards and collected 89 nominations in total. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Encanto won “Best Motion Picture Animated” at the 2022 “Golden Globes” and received two nominees for “Original Score in Motion Picture” and “Best Original Song in Motion Picture.

At the 2022 “Academy Awards,” Encanto will compete to win three Oscars. Another curiosity to mention, before diving into the story, is that the director and writer of the movie, Charise Castro Smith, also worked on another incredible film from Disney: “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

Encanto is a movie for those looking for a purpose in life and those families looking for the magical formula for happiness; finally, Encanto is musical, a festival of colours, energy and inspiration to build the foundation for a better world.

The film received so much appreciation from the critics that we wanted to ensure that our readers won’t miss it. Mainly because it defeated Luca, one of the best movies of 2021, at the 2022 “Golden Globes.” So let’s discover more about Encanto. 

Details about the movie

Release DateNovember 2021 in the U.S.A.
GenreAnimation Comedy Family
Duration1 hour and 42 minutes
DirectorCharise Castro Smith and Jared Bush
ActorsStephanie Beatriz (Mirabel) – Maria Cecilia Botero (Abuela) – John Leguizamo (Bruno)

Encanto – The Story

It’s the tale of a magical Colombian family where each member received a unique gift to be used to help and support their community, from strength to the power of healing people. But, unfortunately, just one girl didn’t receive her gift from the Encanto, Mirabel.

  • So, why she didn’t get her superpower?
  • Can this be dangerous for her family?
  • And what are the ingredients to build a perfect family?

Encanto – Trailer

Disney's Encanto | Official Trailer

Encanto – Explanation and Review

(This section contains SPOILERS, we suggested to watch the movie first and then enjoy it.)

We reported so many achievements for Encanto and, honestly, it’s a great movie. But some elements let us think that Encanto is not entirely a cartoon for children, but for their parents instead. In fact, even if the story is quite simple, there are many complex topics, and even understanding the meanings requires some guidance from their parents. Did you feel confused too? Let us help.

What are the ingredients to build a perfect family?

We reviewed the weirdness of the Mitchells in “The Mitchells vs the Machines” to build the ideal bond. But in this case, even if “The Madrigals” have superpowers, something else is needed. 

The magical candle offered a second chance to this family to use their powers to support their community. Every day, each of them tries their best to keep the fantastic and joyous mood of Encanto. But, anyway, all of this is not enough to keep their world safe. Therefore, Casita started to show cracks in its walls, and our family members began to lose their superpowers.

luisa room encanto
Casita showing her cracks

But, what happened?

Too many secrets, fears and silences grew within the Madrigals. No one felt free to express their worries to Abuela or other family members. Everyone, from Luisa to Isabela, then from Antonio to Dolores, plays a role every day to fake their feelings and look happy in the eyes of the community and Abuela.

  • Luisa feels that she can lose her powers anytime and can’t stand the pressure;
  • Isabela doesn’t want to be so perfect and doesn’t want to marry Mariano.
  • They need to act and put a smile on for the sake of the community and the house.

But the candle doesn’t like lies, and it asks for something more. Therefore Casita tries to show Mirabel the cracks within her family and the need to make significant changes.

The ingredients for the change are in Mirabel’s gift.

Since the beginning of the film, Mirabel praises her family. She sings the incredible gifts of her relatives and supports Antonio on the day of his ceremony. Mirabel is the only one who cares for each of them and tries her best to be part of the Madrigals. She listens to Luisa, offering her the possibility to be heard for the first time; she is ready to put aside her pride to hug Isabela and restore harmony in the house. But there is more because Mirabel is the one that opens Abuela’s eyes. In fact, Abuela was afraid to lose the second chance life offered her. She panicked and, to protect the gift, she forgot her human side, putting pressure on everyone without praising or listening to them.

encanto family unity
Casita doesn’t like when they are single identity, but when they are united, together.
Thats’ the secret.

Mirabel heals her family’s illness because they became single stars in their constellation. And the director shows us this when the new Casita is ready: the family is together and not anymore split. Mirabel is the glue that keeps each family member still magical. Mirabel’s superpower is the ability to keep going against any difficulties, reject bad luck and achieve her goals. She is also the one who teaches us to challenge our future, hoping for the best, challenging our fears and anxieties. An example is when she forces Bruno to look again in his vision. And she does it risking her life, sacrificing her pride for the good of the family and community.

Those are the ingredients that offer us the possibility to build the foundation of our families and communities.

Encanto gives us hopes for a better future.

The revolution happens when the whole family have to rebuild Casita.

  • The community comes to offer their help;
  • Isabela and Mirabel match Dolores with Mariano for the joy of everyone;
  • Luisa receives assistance from her sister moving heavyweights;
  • And Isabela is free to make things imperfect;

And their happiness is framed in a chaotic picture which shows all of them now; not a perfect photo like the one at the beginning, but a real one where everyone can be themselves. That’s a lovely secret.

encanto the whole family
To be happy you need to embrace your chaos, and not only appear as perfect.

Oh, wait! Should we talk about Bruno?

We think so because he taught us how to sacrifice ourselves for the good of our family. And to see Abuela hugging and welcoming him again into the family is a scene full of emotions because it reminds us how beautiful it is to forgive and be forgiven. Sometimes happiness is all in a hug.

Encanto, Bruno is back.
Bruno is finally back. A hug says more than thousands of words.

So, what did and we didn’t like about Encanto?


The animation behind the movie is something we have never seen. It’s also the triumph of colours, joy and life. The music and songs are fundamental to explaining the story of our characters and family. And all of this transform Encanto into a multi-artistic masterpiece, where musical meets narrative, a comedy becomes a drama, and the continuous changes of amazing scenographies leaves us admiring so much beauty. The story is also bringing vital messages to the audience, and we need good stories, especially in this challenging moment for our world. But is everything so perfect?

Encanto, Isabella and Mirabel
The evolution of Maribel and Isabela is inspiring for our lives.


We praised the beauties of this movie but, according to us, it became too overwhelming. Too many changes of scenographies and too many repetitive songs that, perhaps, take away time for essential and more profound dialogues that seem absent within the film. It feels like too much show and a poor script. In the end, Encanto doesn’t enchant us with its story but with its special effects.

We didn’t have the same feelings of adventure and satisfaction that we had watching Luca. And if the Golden Globes went to Encanto, we would like to assign our Spotamovie’s Oscar to Luca this time. Nevertheless, Encanto is a fantastic achievement for Disney, and it deserves its Oscar nominations.

Our final rating for Encanto is:


Where you can watch Encanto?

The movie is currently available on Disney Plus, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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