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The following summary includes the list of the topics we will cover in our review of “Hey Sinamika.”

Did you watch Hey Sinamika? – Spoiler Alert

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Hey Sinamika Review and Explanation.

Hey Sinamika is funny and meaningful. It’s inspiring, and, probably, it’s the story of most of us. So today, we will analyse the movie and, hopefully, we will discover together how to deal with love and learn how to build a perfect love story.

What did we learn from Hey Sinamika? 

The crucial topic of the film is love. And, looking closer at our protagonist’s story, we discovered:

  • Twenty-three rules about how to flirt;
  • Three reasons why Mouna can’t stand Yaazhan;
  • But also 5 phases of love. So let’s check those together.

The first phase is passion. A tempest of feelings!

The movie start’s with a powerful metaphor. Mouna, a beautiful paleotempestology, arrives at the same beach where Yaazhan was reading his books. Precisely at the moment when they crossed their sights, a powerful cyclone hits their lives: it’s love. And Mouna is an expert, well, at least on tempests.

Therefore, she embraces and protects Yaazahn from the storm. And Mouna teaches us “the blind spot” or “safe zone.” But are we safe? Yaazhan’s words are prophetical.

Hey Sinamika love
Beautiful photography. Maybe Yaazhan feet shouldn’t be there…but let’s appreciate it.

And it’s the passion that leads them to a quick, but not for this reason wrong, marriage. Love is so powerful, and it’s almost a new dimension into our reality. So therefore, the director lets them dance and sing while the people around them don’t even care and share their same joy. It’s an incredible feeling that we can experience when in love.

But what happens when the fire of passions lacks oxygen to breathe?

The second phase is confusion and suffocation.

The director does an incredible job of letting us witness the suffocating love that Yaazhan constantly offers to Mouna. Everything must be perfect for her because she is perfect to him.

And the director is excellent in this part because he tricks us so that we stand with Mouna. We are confused, exactly like her. Mouna wants to have a break and then eventually divorce him.

But we said that this phase is confusion.

Therefore she asked her colleagues to help her, but nowadays, it’s challenging to find someone expert on love. So then the easiest solution is to help them split from each other. And the film becomes hilarious in a moment of tragedy.

The third phase is the need for personal space.

Mouna gets the job, and she moves to another city, where Yaazhan is waiting for her. Therefore, Mouna can’t have her moments alone to rethink her life.

And during this phase, it’s time for confrontation. All the lies and differences they never discussed, hoping they will disappear, emerge and break into their story. But instead, Yaazhan feels guilty about being jobless and not enough for her.

The call received from a child during his show it’s just an expression of Mouna’s behaviours at the beginning of the movie. But it helps Yaazhan understand the thrush. Likewise, Mouna is so focused on her freedom that she forgets why she fell in love with him.

The fourth phase is giving up.

Mouna met Kayal and asked her to set up a plan to let Yaazhan fall in love with her and give Mouna a valid reason to divorce. But, in reality, Mouna gives Kayal the man she always wanted.

Hey Sinamika Kayal and Mouna
Yaazhan is definItely lucky and blessed with them. 🙂

Everything was appalling about Yaazhan initially; now, those are the best qualities a man can have: taking care, talking, and love. We discover through Kayal how good Yaazhan is.

The fifth phase is understanding love.

After witnessing how good her husband is from the outside, Mouna wants him back. She realised that she shouldn’t have given all the attention Yazaahn offered her for granted. Mouna sees Kayal’s happiness and realises that she lost her place in her story.

Yaazhan offers her space and time to think, but he never thinks of betraying her, even in front of such beauty as Kayal. We must be grateful for the love we receive, for the time that a stranger decides to gift to us.

The character’s evolutions.

We will tell you about our pros and cons of Hey Sinamika, but let us spoil you with something remarkable: the character’s arch. Let’s analyse how almost our protagonists changed; yes, almost and let us explain it.

The evolution of Mouna.

Mouna falls in love so quickly that she almost forgets why. But it’s through her mistakes that she realises how vital is Yazaahn to her life. In the beginning, she wanted love, she found it, but she couldn’t handle it. So, in the end, Mouna completes her path through happiness after pain and regrets.

The evolution of Kayal.

Kayal spends her time splitting couples due to her internal pain and delusion about men and love. It’s through Yaazhan that she realises that beautiful men still exist. People who will never betray their women, who can handle a friendship, and integrity before personal interests.

The stunning transformation in Kayal is that now she can love again. And she wants to do it in the way Yaazhan taught her, through talking to other people. As Yaazhan reminds us, the moment we stop talking and sharing, we are dead.

Yaazhan is the motionless transformation.

If Mouna and Kayal changed during the story, Yaazhan remained the same. Despite all the pains Mouna lets him experience, he never betrays her and always puts Mouna first. Yaazahn is the perfect example of what love should be, the same storm that messed up our lives to the point we couldn’t be much happier.

Yaazhan has the eyes of love only for Mouna.

It’s an inspiring character, a model we should follow to discover the inner beauty of love. Remember, a character doesn’t need to change his initial position to complete a character’s arch. He can do it simply by fortifying his work through the obstacles of his story. And it’s what Yaazhan does for our and Mouna’s happiness.

The Time Cycle.

We should also spend a few words reminding ourselves about the time cycle. In the beginning, Mouna wants to divorce Yazaahn because she can’t stand him. In the middle section of the story, the cards are different. Now it’s Yaazahn who needs to give a break to his wife. It’s beautiful the love Yaazhan has for Mouna, avoiding meeting her to let her feel his absence.

But one thing is sure, in love, like in other circumstances of our lives, we should never forget that the wind may change, and our position won’t protect us anymore.

What did we like about Hey Sinamika? 

We liked the attempt to deliver a romantic and turbulent story as authentic as possible. Hey Sinamika is full of beautiful messages, as we described above. Photography is great. From the beach storm to the dance scene, the director delivered the purpose very well.

Our actors did a fantastic job. In particular, Aditi Rao Hydari, who is our Mouna. She can be funny and sad and change her mood, consistently delivering credibility to her character. We want to highlight two scenes: the dance scene and the finale. Her tears and desperation are real, and her dancing and seductive skills. What a surprise for us!

Costumes are fabulous. .

A special award must go to the costumes. And we are not talking about the debatable choice of Yaazahn wearing Mouna’s clothes, but in particular during the dancing scenes and for how elegant and gorgeous our actors steal our hearts.

The message delivered by the whole cast is sublime. The protagonists taught us to how to love through their stories. Mouna asked forgiveness both from Kayal and Yazaahn. Our characters learn how to love and deal with the obstacles of love. Now it’s our time.

But Hey Sinamika has some issues.

What we didn’t like about Hey Sinamika? 

We mentioned how good is photography, but we can’t say the same about cinematography. Cinematography is how we tell a story. How the director uses the cinematography language to let us witness and experience the story. We loved the decision to break the film into two sections: the funny and the dramatic.

But there are too many and too long songs that are not necessary. For instance, the attempt to rap is just distracting us from the focus of the movie. It’s an intense situation. Surely we appreciate the songs in Indian films.

We loved the “Param Sundari” in Mimi and the dance scene in Hey Sinamika. But now Indian movies are becoming international, and, perhaps, to engage new viewers, it needs to mix both cultures to achieve the best engagement.

Also, some dialogues are too long, such as the call between Ram and Yaazhan; the same for the tattoos call. We got that the director wanted to exhaust us, but the feeling is that Hey Sinamika loses the potential engagement of his story in several parts of the film. Compared with Mimi, even the dancing scene is too long and makes us lose the story’s primary focus.

Nevertheless, Hey Sinamika is inspiring. Love can change our society; our voice must be heard. And for this reason, we must learn how to listen to our loved ones and community. Because together, we can change our stories and the world around us.

Our final rating for Hey Sinamika is:


Did you enjoy Hey Sinamika?

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