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In the heart of the machine | Story and Trailer | Movie 2022 

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Today we want to suggest you In the heart of the machine, a 2022 movie production from Bulgaria. In the heart of the machine is probably the best movies released in Bulgaria in the last thirty years. A movie full of compassion, humanity and life. After all, we still stand as humans, and the film will teach us powerful lessons.

The film collected 8 nominees and won 3 awards at the AFIN International Film Festival in 2021. It won for:

  • Best ensemble cast;
  • Best sounds;
  • Best actor to Alexander Sano in the role of Bohemi;

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In the heart of the machine - 2022  Movie Recommendation - Pre-Movie Introduction

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In the heart of the machine – Story

We are in August 1978. Kremikovtsy Steel Plant. Its a typical workday for a crew, when they will find something extraordinary inside one of the machines, and an unexpected wave of compassion makes the prisoners take hostages and block the entrance to the workshop. The men risk their lives willingly because sometimes, the desire to be human is stronger than the survival instinct. And the dream of salvation blurs the common sense. 

Movie Details

Release DateMarch 2022 in Bulgaria
GenreThriller – Drama 
Duration1 hour and 55 minutes
DirectorMartin Makariev
ActorsHristo Shopovas (Colonel Radoev) – Alexander Sano (Bohemy) – Bashar Rahal (Captain Kozarev)

Hustle – Trailer

In The Heart of The Machine

Where you can watch In the heart of the machine

The movie is currently available for renting on Hoopla but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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Did you enjoy In the heart of the machine?

We hope you enjoyed the film. Let us know your opinion in the comment section. And let us suggest you a couple of great drama: Silverton Siege,  The Northman, Italian Studies.

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