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Jai Bhim. Movie Review and Analysis of a Masterpiece. 2021 Movie

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The following summary includes the list of the topics we will cover in our post related to “Jai Bhim”

Jai Bhim – Introduction

2021 is a golden year for Indian’s movies. We already enjoyed incredible films, such as Malik and Mimi. Jai Bhim completes this fantastic trio, adding another masterpiece to our collection. 

Jai Bhim is a movie about justice or, better injustice. It teaches us the power of the law and how to use it to build a better world. It’s not a fight between low castes and high castes. Not even against the police officers, but it’s a fight against the entire system. Jai Bhim seeks a better society, where humans must have human rights.

The film takes its inspiration from a true story happened in 1995 in India. Then, this event produced the Habeas Corpus, filed by Rajakanny’s wife Senggeni, and it was momentous in Chennai High Court History.

Suriya playing advocate Chandru

It’s a must-watch and an incredible and powerful movie, well-directed by T.J. Gnanavel and talentedly performed by Suriya (Chandru), Liijo Mol Jose (Senggeni) and Manikandan (Rajakannu), to mention some of the talented actors.

Before you watch the movie, or even if you already enjoy it, let us tell you something: Jai Bhim is a piece of art in the history of Indian’s movies. It’s not an ordinary film, but one that will last for decades. So let us guide you through the movie because there is a lot to learn.

Jai Bhim – Details about the movie

Release DateNovember 2021 in the U.S.A.
GenreDrama Biography History Crime
Duration2 hours and 44 minutes
DirectorT.J. Gnanavel
ActorsSuriya (Chandru) – Lijo Mol Jose (Senggeni) – Manikandan (Rajakannu)

Jai Bhim – The Story

In 1995 a poor but happy couple belonging to the Irular tribe, see their lives change forever. Rajakannu, Senggeni’s husband, becomes the first suspect for stealing jewellery at the local party leader’s house. However, the case doesn’t convince Senggeni; therefore, she engaged a human rights lawyer and activist, Chandru, to help her bring justice to the story.

But, unfortunately, the brutal methodology used by the police, and the corrupted system within the police, produced the most extended Habeas Corpus case in the history of Chennai High Court of Tamil, India.

  • So, is Rajakanny guilty of stealing?
  • Who is Chandru?
  • And what really happened to be so powerful to set a precedent in Indian justice?

It is a true story, and everything you will discover will leave you wordless. We can guarantee it.

Jai Bhim – Trailer

Jai Bhim - Official Tamil Trailer | Suriya | New Tamil Movie 2021 | Amazon Prime Video

Jai Bhim – Review, Analysis and Insights

(This section contains SPOILERS, we suggested to watch the movie first and then enjoy it.)

The inspiring Advocate Chandru

If you are looking for inspiration, we are sure that advocate Chandru brought you a good dose of it. The “Loyola College” expelled him because he led student “agitations” when he was a student. However, Chandru did community services and engaged in full-time activities within the CPI party till 1988. Its political party also expelled Chandru for opposing Indian intervention in the Sri Lanka Civil War.

Definitely not a quiet character, but always busy trying to bring justice and a better society. One of Chandru’s strengths was his behaviour to live with different people and understand the plurality of the community and culture. All of this made the incredible character we can admire in Jai Bhim. Even if the movie doesn’t highlight this aspect, Chandru became a judge in 2006.

Chandru Jai bhim
The real advocate Chandru. A superhero with real powers.

He pronounced over 96,000 verdicts, and Chandru was the protagonist for fighting against caste discrimination and for the rights of people forgotten by the community in Tamilnadu. An unbelievable number of judgments in only seven years. And Chandru did it without charging a penny to his clients when the cause was about human rights. He did it in the name of justice and for a better world. We can definitely say that this man’s mission was a better world.

But there is more because a good man is not labelled exclusively for his professional achievements. Chandru didn’t want security guards and refused to be called “My Lord” in courts. He retired in 2013 and was engaged in creating Jai Bhim.

Chandru is more than a superhero. He is a real leader for the entire world.

However, India is the location, but the same situations happen daily from the U.S.A. to China. He passed verdicts to ensure Panchami lands were given only to Dalits and abolished segregation in burial grounds for lower castes.

Chandru said: “To understand the cases I handled as a lawyer and judge, the writing and words of Dr Ambedkar greatly helped me.” In the next paragraph, you will discover why.

For this reason, Jai Bhim is a must-watch, and we carefully need to understand how a single man can make a big difference in the world. Let’s imagine it together. We said inspiring, but Jai Bhim and Mandela taught us that just one person could make a massive difference in the mission to make the world a better place. 

Jai Bhim. What does it mean?

As many would know, Jai Bhim is a clarion call made famous by Ambedkar, one of the architects of the Indian Constitution and a leader of the Dalits. Therefore, it is no surprise that the film Jai Bhim focuses on the trials and tribulations of a couple from the Adivasi Irular community. Jai means “Long Live”, and Bhim refers to Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. So, it’s “long live Ambedkar.

But why Ambedkar is so important?

He drafted the Indian constitution in the 1940s, and he spent his life advocating for an independent India. And what links Ambedkar to Chandru is the desire for an India free of the oppression of castes. Ambedkar comes from a community labelled “Untouchable” and, unfortunately, not because they were the best VIP of India.

Jai Bhim Ambedkar
Ambedkar, the man who inspired Chandru and the whole India

For this reason, Dr Ambedkar is still loved and celebrated by his people. He symbolises a new and democratic India, where human rights are the same for anyone without discrimination. Now it’s easy to realise why Advocate Chandru found is an inspiration in Ambedkar, and this is why we should all learn more about those incredible characters.

Still today, people greet each other with folded hands and say “Jai Bhim”, in other words, “long live the legacy and inspiration of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar.” And after the movie and this post, we can say “Jai Bhim” globally. And to tell you with the poetic words of a Marathi’s poet:

Jai Bhim is light, is love, is a path from darkness to light. It’s the teardrop of millions of people.

Marathi’s poet.

The metaphor of catching rats and the snake

At the movie’s beginning, the director T.J. Gnanavel dedicates a couple of minutes to describe to us the daily routine of the village. First, Rajakannu and his people work to catch rats so that snakes can be far from the fields. And also, stop “stealing” food from the areas. Then we can enjoy their simple and happy life. But we noticed a strategy to capture the rats:

  • Rajakunnu blows smoke to force the rats to come out and be caught.
  • On the other side of the field, his brother helps him send smoke under the ground.
  • Senggeni actually captures them and spares one little mouse to finalise the procedure.

Three characters to catch the scary rats hiding secretly under the ground. And we need other three characters to capture and lock the corrupted policemen, who were stealing money and brutally torturing the people of the village: Chandru, Mythra and, finally, Senggeni to finalise the operation.

Carefully and slowly, they needed to blow new proves to the court to keep the case alive until the corrupted ones had to step out and be captured by their colleagues. Chandru is the snake of the abusive policemen, and the director shows us with a revealing shot.

The snake at Chandru’s house. The retailing shot.

We said that Senggeni spared the life of a little mouse, and we can say the same for what Chandru did. Not all policemen are evil. The cooperation between Chandru and the honest side of the police, represented by Perumalsami is the key to guarantee justice and democracy.

We have basically applied the “Jai Bhim” in the reality of this film: untouchable people received justice, brought by the power of the law and the dedication of the health part of the government authorities: judges and police. It’s an incredible and powerful movie.

Chandru and Perumalsami. Rajakannu and Senggeni. The importance of ethics.

According to the dictionary, the definition of ethics is: “moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.” But, unfortunately, ethics is not anymore something familiar. Money, corruption and the idea of an “easy life” made against the rules are unfortunate trends in our society. And watching powerful characters, such as Chandru and Perumalsami, make us admire them.

But, as Chandru stated in an interview, “they were just doing their duties“. It’s scary to think how ethics and morality look very far from our reality. When Perumalsami explains to Chandru why the police need to use brutal methodologies to keep order in the democracy, he chooses the example of an abused girl who reported her molester to the police.

Perumalsami stepped in, and after reaching this guy, he broke all of his fingers, so he can’t even touch his wife now. And Perumalsami is proud of his speech. But words are more powerful than weapons. Therefore, Chandru suggests the officer to look at the cases he brought to him to find other people who need this lesson, his policemen colleagues.

The use of dialogues instead of violence

Sadly, they are policemen this time, and Perumalsami realises Chandru’s point. To change Perumalsami ‘s mind, Chandru doesn’t use violence but the power of words again. Advocate Chandru brings officer Perumalsami to meet with all the “untouchable” victims of the corrupted policemen. Those witnesses move Perumalsami’s soul.

Perumalsami In Jai Bhim
The shock in the face of Perumalsami

The dilemma to choose between the pressures of the authorities to dismiss the case, and the sufferance of people forgotten by humanity, is a choice of morality. And, fortunately, Perumalsami takes the right decision because of his duties and responsibilities to protect human rights and democracy. But let me tell you, it’s not an easy choice because Perumalsami is going against the whole system, risking his position, money and his own life.

Nevertheless, he made the right choice because of ethics. Ethics is what makes the difference between rats and humans. And which side are you choosing? Because let me remind you again of the power of words and ethics.

Rajakannu and Sengenni. Ethics is for leaders but also for simple people.

When Rajakannu was suffering the pains caused by the policemen, his brother suggested that he tell a lie and admit the crime to be free after a while. Perhaps this is the easiest solution, but not the right one. And Rajakannu reminds his brother that the wounds will heal, but the stamp as thieves will remain forever.

We can tell the same about Senggeni when the police offer her money in exchange for silence. She proudly refuses, risking everything, in the name of her husband and justice. But also to provide a genuine model role to her babies. The difference between heroes and anonymous characters is ethics.

Chandru awaken souls during the movie, and we hope even after. At the same time, ethics is what makes our heart beating, leaves our mind dreaming and fill our eyes with hopes.

The art of cinematography

We have selected some of the best shots from Jai Bhim. Try to focus on how images of horrible violence become pieces of top photography. A ray of light brightens the victims while the criminal is out of it. Or the triangle built with the light, the feet and the head of Rajakannu. It’s almost like a God is watching humans forgetting their humanity. 

The difference between a movie and a masterpiece is precisely in the capacity to transform reality into a piece of art. In Jai Bhim, the cast delivered a fantastic piece of cinematography. 

Pros and Cons. Best Scene and Final Rating


Jai Bhim is an absolute masterpiece. It’s a movie that will become a must-watch for generations. There is the heart of India, its constitution and the inspiring ideas of Chandru and Dr Ambedkar. Jai Bhim is the shout of freedom from those who dream of a better world. It’s a film that should be a must-watch in the whole world.

The acting of Suriya (Chandru), as well as Lijo Mol Jose (Senggeni) and Manikandan (Rajakannu) is top-notch. The breathtaking cries of Senggeni are powerful, and she touches our hearts. Suriya gives authority and credibility to Chandru. The cinematography is excellent, and it transforms Jhai Bhim into a masterpiece. Jai Bhim is a movie that wants to unite people, but only the honest and good ones, because this world needs only them.

Best Scene

It’s always challenging to pick the best scene, but we want to highlight the excellent idea of when we can admire Chandru leaving his political movement, to take action and bring justice. He jumps over the barriers and moves straight into the court. The message is clear: it’s fine to protest, but we can make the real difference through our most potent weapon, which is the law. Action counts more than words. Chandru explained us clearly.

Chandru jump on Jai Bhim
The moment when words become laws


As we mentioned, let’s be honest and straightforward; we are reviewing a masterpiece. Perhaps some users will object that two hours and forty-fiveminutes are too long for a movie to focus on delivering its purpose. We indeed have extended scenes where we can admire the simple and happy life in the village. But those are necessary to build a bond and learn about our characters.

We have many songs during the whole film, but it’s even true that music is a central point in Indian movies. Every piece tells us something about the story and our characters. Just an example, one of the songs focuses on waking up our spirits, “It’s a battle for equal rights.” Then, “reclaim the power; justice is for all.”

It’s a movie that needs time to build trust and engage us in the story. Perhaps the director doesn’t tell us a bit more about Ambedkar, who is the real inspirer of the film. Anyway, we got the point, and we tried to deliver it to you with our analysis.

Our final rating is


Where you can watch Jai Bhim

The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

Let us know your opinion about the film in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media.

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