Little Fish

Little Fish (2021) – The pandemic of art and love! Review

Little Fish is a movie that will leave you with something important in your heart and it will blow your mind.
Losing our past can’t prevent us from living our present and future, but sometimes, things remain inside of us, fortunately. What are those?

In the middle of a pandemic, our characters will need to survive a virus that, suddenly or gradually, erases your memories.

  • Will our characters overcome this threat?
  • And what is going to teach us?

Little Fish (2021) – The Story

A pandemic. A virus. The desire to keep alive your memories.

Our protagonists are in the U.S.A., in the middle of a pandemic. The virus which is striking the world has been named N.I.A. (Neuro Inflammatory Affliction), basically whoever gets infected will gradually or suddenly loses his memory. A bit like Alzheimer’s, with the power to erase our past, passions, and loved ones.

Photo of Jude and Emma in LittleFish
Photo of Jude and Emma in LittleFish

Jude and Emma, are going to live a very challenging experience, struggling to keep alive in their mind all the pieces of their lives. They are looking for a solution that seems to be less scientific and more romantic.

The movie does a great job because we will face the same symptoms, well almost, watching the film. The challenge for us is remembering everything we will see, any details to prevent getting lost and avoid being beaten by the virus.

Are you dare to try it?

Little Fish (2021) – Movie’s Analysis and Insights

Keep trace and memory of any pieces of the reality we see, hear, live is not simple at all. And during the 1 hour and 40 minutes of this film, you will feel this feeling too. It’s an intelligent movie, adequately done.
Ready to deliver a good dose of anxiety, if you still need more.

1. Art is our superpower to beat the time in this challenging story, which is our life.

There are important elements on this story:

  • Photography. Jude is a photographer, and pictures are the best way to stop time, frame it and make a moment eternal. It helps us to collect our memories, in the big storage of our brain and, fortunately, of our heart too;
  • Writing. To prevent forgetting their lives, Emma writes down their story so that they can’t ever forget it. As the story of a book or a movie. We need to write them down to make them eternal and not let them die with us.
  • Music. Because we are also our inspirations. Our creations are part of our stories, and therefore, we need to record them. In the attempt to make possible that a part of us can survive time and death.
Little Fish Recording Music
Little Fish Recording Music

Art, again, is what makes us go over time and death. Like our favourite singers, writers, musicians who are always with us even if not physically here.

2. The great pandemic of our creativity.

Through art, we leave footprints of our existence and us on this planet. It’s like walking through centuries and thousands of kilometres to reach someone else, exactly like a virus.
But this time a good virus which we need to spread the most.

It’s a beautiful story, a celebration of true love, which is not only part of our memories but of something impossible to understand, which makes us crave it, desire it, pursue it.

The film is coming in the middle of our Covid pandemic, which sadly reminded us that this is not only an Hollywood story, but through movies, we can learn and build a better version of ourselves.

Little Fish (2021) – The Cast and Final Rating

Olivia Cooke (Emma) and Jack O’Connel (Jude) deliver excellent performance in Little Fish.

Another reason to enjoy it. The director Chad Hartigan does an incredible job, providing a film very well-edited, as we mentioned previously, to let you experience some of the symptoms of the N.I.A.

Emma writing in Little Fish

Our final rating for Little Fish is:

Where you can watch Little Fish

The movie is currently available on Hulu, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.
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