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Love Birds – 2023 Movie

How can many marriages start well, full of romanticism and dreams, but end up with divorce? Love Birds, a new Indian movie, addresses the topic and brings solutions. Will they work?

Love Birds – Trailer

Love Birds - Official Trailer | Darling Krishna, Milana Nagaraj | PC Shekar | Arjun Janya

The story says that couples today come from different backgrounds and have independent lifestyles. But their independence leads to friction between them. So what will keep them together?

Movie Details

Release DateFebruary 2023
GenreDrama – RomanceComedy
Duration2 hours and 9 minutes
DirectorPC Shekar
ActorsDarling Krishna – Milana Nagaraj – Samyuktha Hornadu

Where can you watch Love Birds?

The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, but check this URL to discover where you can watch the film in your country.

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