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Love is Color Blind | 2021 Movie Recommendation

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Love is color blind – The Story

Young artist Ino (Donny Pangilinan) becomes colorblind following an untimely accident. His best friend Cara (Belle Mariano), who is secretly in love with him, decides to help bring color back into his life in her own way. But they soon learn that the path to love is not a straight one… especially when other parties get involved.

Movie Details

Release DateDecember 2021 in Philippines
GenreComedy Romance
Duration1 hour and 55 minutes
DirectorJohn Leo Garcia
ActorsDonny Pangilian (Ino) – Belle Mariano (Cara) – Jeremiah Lisbo (Sky)

The Trailer

Love Is Colorblind | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where you can watch Love is Color Blind

The movie is currently available on Netflix, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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