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Luca – Introduction

Pixar never disappoints; Luca is a fantastic movie for the whole family. A must watch because it will remind us of so many good values that, unfortunately, we often forget.

Another good reason is that we will experience a bit of Italy and many beauties of this country. But, also, a fabulous animation and an excellent story.

Luca – The Story

There is a legend in Portorosso that says that horrifying creatures live and threaten the human race under its water. Those are the sea monsters and the saga, this time, is a true story.

The film introduces us to their world, which doesn’t look so different from ours. The sea monsters are curious, willing to learn and discover. However, they are scared of the “land monsters”, and they are competitive. Nevertheless, the monsters work, and they care about their family.

Luca, a young sea monster, dreams about the world above the sea, and he wants to discover more, even if the consequences can be painful. And it will happen when he meets Alberto, another sea monster, who already made a half jump into the human’s world.

Luca and Alberto
Luca and Alberto

Together they start to dream about the idea of freedom, of a new “Vespa” to travel the world.
And to achieve their goals, they decide to go into the Portorosso town, where many adventures, great and evil characters are waiting for them.

  • Will they succeed with their mission?
  • What will they learn?
  • And what they will teach us?

Luca (2021) – Trailer

Disney and Pixar’s Luca | Official Trailer | Disney+
Official Trailer at Youtube

Luca – Movie Review, Analysis and Insights

(This section contains SPOILERS, we suggested to watch the movie first and then enjoy it.)

Pixar can transform a simple story into an incredible adventure, full of emotions, life and lessons. Luca is not an exception, and it delivers a lot.

1. The difficulty to accept who is different from us

The film introduces us to the scene witnessing the fears of a young fisherman, terrorized by the sea monsters legend. At the same time, we discover that the sea monsters are also scared by the humans or “land monsters”. They never met each other, but they are scared of their diversity.

It’s easy to connect all of this to immigration, the terrible reality of every day that millions of people must experience.

We have a lot to learn through this movie, that we can look different but what matters are the good intentions and the desire to learn from each other.

The scariest character seems to be Massimo, at first look. But we discover that he is the best one on the scene. This detail must let us think and rethink the facts; we can miss essential characters in our life because of superficiality.

Luca met Massimo
Luca met Massimo

It’s not that easy but, even if there will be individuals who won’t accept someone different, there will always be who will do that.
Immigration is not that bad, but it’s a fantastic resource to learn more and make ourselves better people.

2. It let us appreciate the beauties of life, which we often forget

It’s incredible how the movie makes us rediscover some of the reasons which make our existence unforgettable.

  • Music. The film offers us some of the most famous Italian songs by Edoardo Bennato (Il gatto e la volpe), Gianni Morandi (Andavo a cento all’ora, Fatti mandare dalla mamma), Rita Pavone (Viva la pasta col pomodoro). But also the sensational Opera played with an old gramophone. Music is one of the most significant reasons why we should be grateful to be alive.
  • Nature. Italy is a perfect place for beautiful landscapes, the sun, the sea, the beaches and the sensational stars upon our heads. We often look at these beauties, but we always forget to see them. 
  • The food. In a consumerist society where tonnes of food become wastes, the movie reminds us of its joy and importance. We often give it for granted but, this is probably, the best miracle of every single day we have.

3. The fantastic craziness of living and the power of true friendship

Luca and Alberto have different personalities. The beauty of this is that both of them can shape and change each other. Alberto teaches Luca and us the fantastic lesson of “Silenzio Bruno”. It’s a terrific concept, life-changing for most of us.

When any fear or anxiety whispers in our mind, preventing us from living our life fully, that’s the moment when we need to apply this rule.

Let’s shut up our internal Bruno and take our life back, ready for new adventures. Unbelievably beautiful.

luca and friends
Luca with Giulia and Alberto

I also loved the complicated friendships evolving during the movie between Alberto and Giulia. He sees her as an obstacle to his free life with Luca. But, in the end, he will surprise us with a lovely gift coming from his heart. He becomes able to put his friend before himself. What a wonderful lesson for all of us!

4. The end of bullying or the “reign of terror”

Ercole plays the role of the villain. Everyone must love him, but in reality, everyone disguises him. He is the multi winners of the “Portobello Cup”, and for this reason, he thinks to be the powerful man of the town.

It will be a sea monster’s mission to show his community that the time for bullying is over because this horrifying monstrosity is worse than any monster’s. It’s true friendship and playing together that we can change the reality around us. Something vital to learn for us and then for our children.

5. The role of knowledge

The movie approaches the topic of knowledge very well. Just an example, Luca and Alberto think that the stars are fishes. It makes us laugh, but they are not so different from the first assumptions of our ancient scientists.

Only through knowledge, we become a better individuals and a great society. For this reason, the desire to learn, growing inside of Luca is an incredible inspiration for each of us to become the best version of ourselves.

Giulia needs to prove to Luca that they are stars through the telescopy, a bit like science needs to do with our imagination.

But not everyone is made to learn, and this is not a shame. Alberto, for instance, found his place in life working with Massimo. But Massimo also becomes a new father figure for Alberto, something not even thinkable at the beginning.

6. Luca and the Vespa: the freedom’s idea

The famous Vespa, made by Piaggio, becomes the symbol of freedom. It’s an icon that shaped several generations of people. The film let us dream that liberty and the scooter are the first things that even sea monsters know to love.

ercole and vespa
Ercole and the Vespa in Luca

Perhaps this time, we need to learn this beautiful idea of freedom from them, which we always forget.

7. The proper way to swear, Santa Mozzarella!

I found it hilarious and brilliant the way how Giulia express herself.
“Santa mozzarella” and “Santo Pecorino” are two incredible inventions of this movie. We can laugh even in front of surprising facts if we approach them in the right way.

8. The role of mums and dads

Above or under the water, mums and dads are all the same. The mothers are leading the family, while the fathers are executing the orders.

Sounds familiar? But they love their children and try to protect them in any way possible and impossible. And that’s the beauty of a family.

9. Money? Who needs those

The role of money in our society is something challenging to explain, even to the sea monsters. When Luca and Alberto find out that the winning prize for the Portobello cup is money, they almost renounce to the competition.

They can’t understand why we need them because they show us that their society can exist even without the first reason of conflicts between humans.

When a movie delivers all of these points, it means that it’s a good one.

Our final rating for Luca is

Where you can watch Luca

The movie is currently available on Disney+, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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