Mandela (2021) – 3 Reasons why you should watch it!

Mandela is not the historical movie which the title can suggest to you. Instead, it’s the hilarious story of an Indian election. Satire, laughing, and inspiring insights are the main ingredients of a very well directed movie.

Mandela – The Story

In a small Indian village named Soorangudi, the main two parties, the Southern and the Northern, are fighting literally to the last vote to decide who will be in charge of their citizens’ future and wealth.

Mandela – The Northern and the Southern preparing for the election
Mandela – The Northern and the Southern preparing for the election

And this is the wish everyone has, but the reality is that both political movements have their interests to achieve. They don’t care at all about their people. And, even if this one is just an Indian’s story, unfortunately, we can feel it actual in several countries of our planet.

The protagonist of the movie is Smile, the last one in the community. He doesn’t even belong to any caste. And he doesn’t even know his real name.

He is someone who accepts all the unfairness, humiliations and abuses that the powerful men of the village constantly impose on him. But, unfortunately, he thinks that this is his destiny, and he wants to finally fulfil his dream to open his barbershop in his village. 

Fortunately, the world has lovely people. And this is the case of the beautiful, both inside and outside, Thenmozhi. She will guide our protagonist into an internal journey that will make him reconsider his priorities and learn something new despite the continuous challenges the election will bring. Something so powerful that each of us needs to discover by ourselves.

  • And who will win the elections? 
  • And what are we going to learn? 

The 3 reasons why you should watch it

1. The mighty gifts of kindness, ethic and moral.

What will be the destiny of Smile without the generosity of Thenmozhi? Probably not the wonderful character who we are going to discover. Kindness can help us feel a fulfilled person while contributing to improving our community. 

And the movie becomes inspiring for each of us in our mission to make our world a better place.

2. The life-changing power of a single vote

A single vote is precious. It can worth a fortune, and it can change our lives and not only. 

The film will show us how, but, this is not something simple. 

Smile will have to go through challenging time, cruel people and a community too lazy and scared on changing the course of the events on their village. But also through a beautiful internal journey that will shape him on becoming a better person. 

Temptations are easy, but ethic worths much more. Your soul will feel it at the end of the film. We should restart our lives precisely from this point.

3. The role of Mandela

At this point, you may ask what’s the role of Mandela. Why is he so important? 

It’s a key role because to find our identity, purpose and inspiration, sometimes, we need to follow inspiring leaders. I don’t want to spoil too much; as usual, my review has the goal to tease you more than reveal you. To offer you new keys to decode more meanings and enjoy the most of the great films we select.

Yogi Babu is Mandela
Yogi Babu is Mandela

Why should you watch Mandela?

I believe you should watch this film. It’s inspiring, full of emotions. Laugh and sadness are there waiting for you, as well as a new idea to rethink our future and society. 

Because with kindness and generosity, we can be different, a better version of ourselves and therefore of our community. Each of us should be every day a Mandela. What a fantastic world it will be! Most probably for the first time our world, and not the one of few rich people deciding for our destinies. 

Mandela – The cast and where you can watch it.

Currently, you can watch Mandela on Netflix. But check this website to know which streaming provider you can watch in your country.

The director of the movie is Madonne Ashwin. The main actors are Yogi Babu in the role of Smile and the beautiful Sheela Rajkumar performing Thenmozhi.

Our final rating for Mandela is:


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