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Today we want to suggest you Oh My Dog, a 2022 movie production from India. It’s time for an inspiring movie. The diretor portrayed the development of an incredible bond between a human and a dog. But there is much more.

Be ready for a genuine story, focused on relationships between humans and dogs of course, but also beween grandfather, father and son. Education is the key topic of the movie.

The movie is a treat for all the dog’s lovers, but it’s also heartwarming. It will teach how to love and how important is for our lives. We wanted to recommend the film to our community because we need inspiration and emotions to build a better version of ourselves.

Oh My Dog – Story

This movie is a dreamy, magical film “for children”, where every child can come, watch & have fun. This movie talks about their world, their desires, how much they care, their courage, how much they want to win, their friendship, their sacrifice, their unconditional love, their bravery and their loyalty.

A blind pup was ordered to be killed by its breeder, because of its defective birth. Which eventually escapes because of its destiny from the killers. On the other hand, there is a boy who is very hyperactive and hated by everyone except by his parents.

Not a good student, not an obedient grandson, not a lovely next-door boy, but a very happy go lucky kid. Both the blind pup and boy meet and how they won the heart of others and proved themselves as worthy is the thin line of the story.

Movie Details

Release DateApril 2022 in India.
Duration2 hours and 01 minute
DirectorSarov Shanmugam
ActorsAasha, Afzal, Aparna.

Oh My Dog – Trailer

Oh My Dog - Official Teaser | New Tamil Movie 2022 | Amazon Prime Video

Where you can watch Oh My Dog

The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime VIdeo, but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

We haven’t watched the movie yet, but we would love to know your opinion in the comments below. And stay tuned and follow us on our social media because we can release our analysis.

Did you enjoy Oh My Dog?

We hope you enjoyed the film. Let us know your opinion in the comment section. And let us suggest you a couple of great Indian movies: Mimi, Malik, Jai Bhim.

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