Rekha – 2023 Movie

Today’s movie recommendation comes from India. Rekha is a 2023 psycho-thriller that put at the centre of the stage the incredible strength of a woman.

The story says that Rekha, a young woman falling in love, finds herself on a vengeful mission after one fateful night sends her spiralling into violence.

  • What happened during that night?
  • Who was with her?
  • And what troubled Rekha’s life?

Too many questions lead our protagonist alone and looking for revenge, a terrible one. Rekha is an intense thriller with a strong wake-up call for any woman.

Movie Details

Release DateFebruary 2023
Duration2 hours and 3 minutes
DirectorJithin Issac Thomas
ActorsVincy Aloshious – Unni Lalu – Vishnu Govindhan


Rekha - Malayalam Official Trailer | Jithin Thomas | Vincy Aloshious | Unni Lalu | Stonebench |

Where can you watch Rekha?

The film is currently available on Netflix in the USA. But check this link to discover where you can watch the movie in your country right now.

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