The dog lover’s guide to dating

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating – Story and Trailer

New year, new movie. Our first 2023 film recommendation is “The dog lover’s guide to dating”. It’s a Canadian romantic comedy that raises a provocative question: 

  • Are animals better than people? 
  • Should you spend more time with them or with humans? 
  • And who can you trust the most? 

We are curious to know your opinions. 

The film last for 1 hour and 24 minutes. It’s not the masterpiece of the year, but it’s a good recommendation for anyone looking for a good time, a genuine story and a bit of romanticism. Who doesn’t need it, right?

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating – Story and Trailer - 2023 Movie Recommendation
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The movie’s rating on IMDB is 6.4 out of 10 based on just one hundred votes. It’s a new movie, but the public’s response encouraged us to suggest it. 

Movie Details

Release DateJanuary 2023
Duration1 hour and 24 minutes
DirectorCraig Pryce
ActorsRebecca Dalton (Alex) – Corey Sevier (Simon) – Emily Stranges (Sarah)

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating – The Story

Simon believes Chloe is the girl of his dreams but can’t seem to win over her beloved pup. So he enlists dog trainer Alex and soon finds himself wondering where his real connection might be.

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating – Trailer

Preview - Dog Lover's Guide to Dating - Hallmark Channel

Where you can watch The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating?

The dog lover’s guide to dating is currently available on Fubo, Peackok and DirectTV. But don’t forget to check our link to discover where you can watch it in your country. 

We didn’t watch the movie yet, but it’s on our watchlist. So let us know your opinion in the comment section. We hope you will enjoy the film and have an excellent romantic and fun time.  When we have romance, dogs and a beautiful woman like Rebecca Dalton, we think we have all the ingredients for an entertaining night.

Tell us your opinion about the movie.

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