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The Pale Blue Eye – Story and Trailer

The suicide of a cadet-student is just the first of a series of worrying events at the West Point Academy in 1830. What else happened? And who is going to investigate the case? An experienced detective, of course, supported by a young aspiring poet named: Edgar Allan Poe. The premises are not bad. The Pale Blue Eye is our new 2023 movie recommendation by Scott Cooper.

The Pale Blue Eye – Story and Trailer - 2023 Movie Recommendation
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The film belongs to the genre of crime, horror and mystery and it lasts for two hours and eight minutes. Netflix brought us an exciting thriller, a gothic story and dark cases to be solved. Are you ready for it?

Movie Details

Release DateJanuary 2023
CountryUnited States
GenreCrime – Thriller –
Duration2 hours and 8 minutes
DirectorScott Cooper
ActorsChristian Bale (Landor) – Harry Melling (Edgar Allan Poe) – Simon McBurney (Captain Hitchcock)

The Pale Blue Eye – The Story

At West Point Academy in 1830, the calm of an October evening is shattered by the discovery of a young cadet’s body swinging from a rope just off the parade grounds.

An apparent suicide is not unheard of in a harsh regimen like West Point’s, but the next morning, an even greater horror comes to light. Someone has stolen into the room where the body lay and removed the heart.

The Pale Blue Eye – Trailer

The Pale Blue Eye | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where you can watch The Pale Blue Eye?

The films is currently availble in the United States on Netflix. But, check this link to see where you can watch the movie in your country right now.

The Pale Blue Eye is currently rated on IMDB 6.7 out of 10 on a basis of 22 thousand votes.

We didn’t watch the movie yet, but it’s on our watchlist. So let us know your opinion in the comment section. We hope you will enjoy the film and that you will solve the dark cases by yourself.  Even for today we have all the ingredients for an entertaining movie-night.

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