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The Seven Faces of Jane, 2023 Movie


Imagine you are a solo mum, and it’s time to send your son to a day camp so that you can have that freedom you secretly always wanted, at least for a bit. But freedom can be scary and may change you. The Seven Faces of Jane is an experimental movie we strongly recommend.

The film is essentially made of eight short films that revolve around Jane as she drops her young son off at day camp and spends the remaining of the day (and night) on a journey. The point is:

  • How this journey is going to change Jane;
  • What if someone else is going to direct your life? Are your choices going to be better?
  • Are we a bit actors and spectators of our existence?


THE SEVEN FACES OF JANE Trailer (2023) Gillian Jacobs, Drama Movie

Get ready for an adventure, walking through the paths of life. Surrealistic experiments, relationships, drama and psychological analysis and development, are the main ingredients of this interesting film.

Movie Details

Release DateJanuary 2023 (USA)
CountryUnited States
Duration1 hour and 33 minutes
DirectorJulian Acosta – Xan Cassavetes – Gia Coppola
ActorsGillian Jacobs – Joe Mchale – Sybil Azur

Where can you watch The Seven Faces of Jane?

The film is currently available on Hoopla but can be rented on Amazon, Youtube and Apple TV. Check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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