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The Suicide Squad (2021) – Movie Review and Analysis

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The Suicide Squad – Introduction

Take the weirdest villains, give them an impossible mission, add some creepy humour, actions, colours and talent, and you get “The Suicide Squad.”

If some villains in 2021 try to improve and become better people, see Cruella, for instance, we can’t say the same for our protagonists on the scene. They are looking to please the American government to gain some favour in return. However, some of them will surprise us with some good intentions and actions.

It’s an exciting movie, spectacular in its genre and filled with dark humour and great characters. So let’s dive into the story and some insights.

The Suicide Squad – The Story

The American government organises a secret mission to take control of “Project Starfish” in the South American island of Corto Maltese. However, a recent coup overthrew the friendly American government and, the task forces created by intelligence officer Amanda Waller needs to destroy the laboratory of the secret experiment, Jötunheim.

The Suicide Squad - Pictures from the movie
The Suicide Squad – Pictures from the movie

Colonel Rick Flag leads the first team that tries to enter the Corto Maltese’s beach. At the same time, the second team leader is Bloodsport, an assassin who accepted the mission under the blackmail of the American authorities. Both teams will have to strive and survive to accomplish the critical goal.

Our heroes, or villains, needs to save the world from “Starro The Conqueror”, a dangerous weapon in the hands of the not trustable Corto Maltese’s government. But also prevent a tremendous international scandal that will destroy America’s reputation in the world.

  • Will our team succeed with their mission?
  • What will be the price to pay?
  • And what is the difference between a not trustable regime and one which conspires against the world for its interests?

The Suicide Squad – Review, Analysis and Insights

(This section contains SPOILERS, we suggested to watch the movie first and then enjoy it.)

Actions, adventures, an incredible cast (Margot Robbie and Idris Elba, to mention some), dark but sometimes funny humour and the weirdest villains deliver an engaging film. However, it’s not a movie for everyone. You need to love the genre because, on its own, it’s well-done. Let us explain

1. The villains-heroes that change the story and themselves

The mission is full of villains, ready to reach Corto Maltese not for the classic and noble spirit to save the world but to gain personal interest and favours in a dirty exchange with the American’s authorities.

Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher, Polka-Dot man are some of the villains-heroes that positively and partially surprised us during their character’s arc. For instance, they can return home at the movie’s end when they destroyed the Jötunheim, and Waller orders them to leave the Corto Maltese’s island.

The suicide squad - the team
The Squad takes action against the system

However, our characters partially changed, and therefore they decided to challenge Waller, who can kill them anytime, because they can’t leave Starro the Conqueror alive, killing people and destroying everything. So they risked their lives to “save the world”, almost becoming the story’s heroes, losing the clothes of the villains.

Almost, because Bloodsport and company decided to not reveal to the world the scandalous American’s experiment in exchange for their freedom and favours. It’s a pity. They almost could become the heroes of the weird world but, perhaps, this is not the title that belongs to them. Anyway, kudos to the villains for their incredible effort.

2. Free press and the possible rebellion against the regime

When Colonel Flag witnesses inside the Jötunheim all the atrocities and crimes generated by both governments, he decides that it’s time to denounce all the abuses to the world. He gets the hard drive with all the precious information and tries to do something noble.

A hero’s action that it’s not welcome by the Americans. Therefore, he engaged in a terrible battle against Peacemaker. The desire to inform and tell the truth, against the willingness to protect the interests of a corrupted system. Does it sound familiar to you?

A free press is an utopia, even in the biggest democracy in the world. And who loses is Colonel Flag and all the citizens who dream about a better world. Do you stand with Colonel Flag for a free press or with Peacemaker to protect the dirty secrets and the political balance in the world? Let us know in the comment section below.

3. What’s the difference between Corto Maltese and the USA?

After what we mentioned above, it’s challenging to understand which government is more unreliable. The new regime wants to use Starro to gain international respect and kill their opposition, even children, if necessary. The Americans, of course, wants to protect “the people”, even if they started “Project Fish”.

So it seems a dirty battle between older and younger regimes. The one that started the operations against the one that wants to continue this absurd experiment. Both governments are the same. The only thing that the Americans intends to protect is their political interests and advantages.

The suicide squad the first team
The First Team ready for their mission

In this sad story, the only one who loses is the ordinary people, covered by lies and propaganda. But, fortunately, this is just a movie’s story. Isn’t it?

4. The inspiring rebellion against the abuses of the authorities

The film explains to us that we can change the sadness described above. Americans are not that bad. Who needs to win is the majority and the good part of the population. When Waller is ready to execute the rebellious villains, her subordinate hits her in the head.

Waller falls on the floor, and ordinary people get control of the operation. It’s the moment when everyone, villains and people, together, change the story for a better humanity.

Together we can change the world and make it a better place. The message delivered by The Suicide Squad is powerful, contemporary and inspiring for each of us. Do you agree with us?

5. The best character on the scene

As we mentioned, we have potent villains in the story. Therefore we tried to think about who is the best character in the movie. Who is your favourite one? Let us know in the comment section below. There is an incredible reality that we need to admit and take into consideration.

Although Bloodsport, Harley and company did a great job, there is one character who, for the whole movie, remained an example of integrity, loyalty and unconditioned trust in human beings. Our favourite one is Sebastian. If you can’t remember him, he is the rat always with the Ratcatcher.


It is always available for everyone, ready for the most dangerous tasks, the only one who has the power to see the good side of Bloodsport and offer him its unconditioned trust when it sits in Bloodsport’s legs and others occasion.

Sebastian is up for a drink and for a good time in the bar. It protects its Ratcatcher and leads the other rats on any battlefield. Humans need to learn from Rats. It’s powerful, provocative and inspiring. We can only agree and what’s your opinion?

Rats are also the ones who saved the Corto Maltese’s island. Without any fear, they attacked Starro because they are loyal to their Ratcatcher. The rats work together without rivalry and internal power games. The world seems to belong to them; what a slap for humans.

6. The parent’s role

During the film, we discover the details of problematic relationships between parents and children. It’s the case of Bloodsport and his father. But, also, of Ratcatcher and her inspiring dad, as well as Polka-dot man and his mum. As we have seen in previous reviews, such as “The Final Code“, “Luca” and “Paper Lives“, the role of parents is crucial in the development of their children’s personalities.

It’s challenging to live in the present when you still need to fix your past. However, our villains accomplished their personal “revenge.” Bloodsport makes her daughter proud of him after the crazy dialogue inside the prison. Ratcatcher saved Corto Maltese and the other characters, thanks to the incredible secrets her father taught her.

And Polka-dot man tries his rebellion against her mum that, unfortunately, cost him his life. Parents are important figures for children, and the movie reminds us of the importance of the past to build our future.

7. The crazy “Who is Milton?”

When the poor Milton dies, it’s a tragic-comic moment. Our villains surprise us but reveal their dark side. First, Polka-dot man is sad because Milton sacrificed himself to help the group. Then, however, the unthinkable happens.

Bloodsport doesn’t remember that Milton was with them, and not even why he was there instead than on the bus. And lastly, her, the remarkable Harley who, yes, doesn’t remember who Milton is. She doesn’t remember that someone named Milton was with them for the whole time.

Who is Milton? – Creepy and funny scene

The dialogue is creepy, funny, surreal but keeps you engaged. When Polka-dot stands up for Milton and shows him to Harley, she finally remembers, but she doesn’t care again. At the end of the movie, she surprises us, again, when she thinks that Bloodsport is Milton.

Harley lives in her world, and looking at her, it seems definitely beautiful. There is no sign of humanity in her. Perhaps this is why a villain can fully become a hero.

8. Harley Quinn – The glorious escape

There are several great cinematography scenes in the movie. For instance, Bloodsport and Peacemaker shot each other, and one bullet destroyed the other one before hitting Peacemaker. It’s a fabulous piece of CGI and cinematography. But, we believe that everyone will agree, the best scene is when Harley Quinn escapes prison.

What a piece of cinematography. It moves on the notes of Louis Prima, “Just A Gigolo, I Ain’t Got Nobody.” Margot Robbie reminds us that she is the perfect actress for this role with a legendary acting lesson. Her cruelty mixed with the sweetness of her smile is a winning combination.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn

Her elegance, even in the most challenging movements, is natural and classy. The moment when she starts screaming and the flowers appear behind her is a piece of top-notch cinematography. In a moment of bloodshed, the whole scene becomes colourful, sustained with the notes of a lovely song, which is the opposite of the moment we are living.

What is a moment of death becomes, instead, the celebration of life, revenge and freedom.
At least for Harley and our desire to see her in action. Oh, let’s also mention when she surprises the team in a rescue mission to save her. When she discovers their plan, she almost cries for the happiness that she suggests to go back inside to let them rescue her.

What is the javelin? Says Bloodsport to her. Harley replies that she is waiting for God to tell her. The Bloodsport’s reaction is the one of each of us: “Jesus Christ.” And Harley makes another surreal moment with the answer, “yeah, or him or any of them, really.” The best moment according to us.

9. An unexpected end – Will the saga continue?

When everything seems defined, the film gives us a surprise. The Weasel and Peacemaker are still alive. The question is if Amanda Waller will accept the rebellion of her subordinates and the suicide team. It can be a dangerous episode for future missions. Maybe this explains Peacemaker’s rescue. We won’t be surprised by a sequel.

The Suicide Squad – Pros and Cons


There is no doubt that in its genre, The Suicide Squad is well-done. However, in a crazy story with the weirdest characters, there is still space for poetry, great cinematography, and dark touches of humour. The CGI is excellent, the costumes too.

The script is consistent and delivers its purpose. In the end, we have many characters on the scene, and it’s not an easy task to adequately mixed all the stories.

The cinematography is fantastic


It’s challenging to find some defects to an engaging film. Yet, everything seems to move smoothly. Perhaps some scenes are unnecessary or too long, especially at the beginning. And our characters’ backgrounds could be better developed by the writers.

But, really, in its genre, the film is well-done. It’s not legendary and unforgettable, probably one of the many in the genre, but Kudos to the cast for the excellent job.

Our final rating is


GenreAction and Comedy
ActorsMargot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena
DirectorJames Gunn
Duration2 hous and 12 minutes
RatingIMDB: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 4.2/5
Spot a Movie: 8.5/10
ProviderHBO Max (USA) or check in your country.
NotesRelesed in August 2021

Where you can watch The Suicide Squad?

The movie is currently available on HBO Max but check this link to see where you can watch it in your country.

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