The woman in the window

The Woman in the Window (2021) – Is reality what we see?

“The Woman in the Window.” It’s an intriguing psychological thriller, with so many twists that we will have the feeling to experience the same symptoms, which our protagonist Anna needs to face every day.

The best-seller book, with the same title and written by A.J. Finn, inspires the movie. But the director of the film, Joe Wright, has the challenging mission to deliver the engaging story in just one hundred minutesAnd he does it, providing an appealing thriller. 

He removes some part of the book’s story and part of the character’s analysis offering less imagination but more intense images and actions to enjoy.

The Woman in the Window – The Story

Anna Fox is a child psychologist who lives alone in her house in Manhattan. She suffers from agoraphobia, and she can’t stand the fact to be outside of her home. So, she talks daily with her husband and daughter on the phone, and she sees very often a psychiatrist to help her recover from her trauma. 

  • What is her trauma? 
  • And what did happen?

I don’t want to spolier it, but it is something which doesn’t make your life the same as it was before, unfortunately.

The woman in the window – Anna and her neighbour
The woman in the window – Anna and her neighbour

She spends her days spying from her window on what her neighbours do. Anna’s life will drastically change when a new family, the Russel’s, moves into the house in front of her one. Anna’s life won’t be the same anymore when her comfort zone will be challenged. She will have to meet each family member.

  • Is this change going to be good for Anna?
  • How will she deal with her mental health?
  • And is the reality what we see around us, or there is something more?

The story will be intense, and we will get confused together with our characters because nothing is at it seems.

The Woman in the Window – Analysis and Insights

The movie introduces us to the complex world of mental health.

When our past trauma meets the challenging reality of our days, it’s hard to understand what is true or not. Especially when alcohol abuse, crimes, hallucinations and side effects of drugs can put a dangerous veil in front of the eyes of our mind.

Future and past are the foundations of our present.
But, are we able to manage it?

Amy Adams in the woman in the window

I liked the movie, even if it lacks character analysis. But I believe this is not the purpose of the film.

Instead, it wants us in the story, on this thriller, at the centre of the stage, helping our protagonist finding answers fundamental for her future and present.

Are you ready for this adventure? The last thing to mention is the performance delivered by Amy Adams in the role of Anna Fox. Just watch her, she is unbelievable talented and inspiring with her acting.

Our final rating for The Woman in the Window is

Where you can watch The Woman in the Window

The movie is currently available on Netflix.
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