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Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) – Movie Review

“Those who wish me dead” provides a great dose of adrenaline. And another good reason to watch it is that it offers excellent and inspiring characters. A novel written by Michael Koryta inspires the film.

It’s an intriguing thriller where suspense, brutality and the desire to survive are the main ingredients of an engaging movie. Unfortunately, the price to be paid to reveal the truth can be terrible.

The film offers some intresting points, let’s discover those together.

Those who wish me dead – The Story

Connor, a teenager who witnessed a terrible execution, needs to hide from those murders because he carries secrets that must not be revealed. Will our Connor survive all of this?

He will meet interesting characters as Hanna, interpreted by the beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie during his journey. Their relationship won’t be easy because of the traumas they bring inside themselves. 

But they don’t have much time to think, and they need to trust each other because to survive, they will need to be creative. 

They will need to overcome their fears and wounds, but kindness can heal any disease, and they will teach us something important in the end.

Those who wish me dead – Beautiful Photography
Those who wish me dead – Beautiful Photography

It seems a simple story, and perhaps it is. But the beauty of this one is that you can feel that any characters on the scene have their adventure to live. And all of those single stories, at a certain point, met each other and then everything it’s literally on fire.

We don’t have a lot of psychological analysis of our characters, even if we have many traumas to overcome in this film. But, I believe the purpose of this movie is to bring us into the sceneLet us experience the fear and the adrenaline to be haunted, aiming only to find the quickest way to survive. But the movie is even something more.

  • Will our characters be able to survive?
  • Will they complete their process to heal themselves?
  • And what else this movie is delivering ti us?

Those who wish me dead (2021) – Movie Analysis and Explanation

The movie has some essentials elements that make it a bit unique.

1. Nature becomes the added actor on the scene.

Our characters are cold because of their traumas, and it will be nature who will try to help them.

  • First, with thunderstorms with the intend to wake them up.
  • Then, like providing them that superpower they need to fight back their fears and be ready to get their revenge.
  • But also with fire, to warm them up in their heart, and with its anthropological role in our society.

2. The role of fire in the movie and in our history. Why is it important?

Those who wish me dead – Connor’s drama
  • Fire brought civilisation to the world because we became able to cook, warming up ourselves, to have a sustainable life. 
  • But it’s also the fire that purifies and prevent the spread of diseases, for example, when during plagues, people burnt dead bodies.
  • in this case, fire seems to play this vital role to make sure that the good part of the human can survive, damaging the plague that wants to ruin the life of the good one.

And the movie let us witnessing the incredible tragedy and the incredible destructive power of a vast fire. How easy can spread and destroy everything. And the director pushes us into this fantastic scene, and the result is incredible. Another good reason to watch it.

3. The beauty of characters who don’t change their beliefs

The film has characters overwhelmed by psychological traumas but, also, inspiring personalities who put integrity, justice, and morality before their lives. Even if the price to pay can be horrible and terrible.

And this is the case of Ethan (Jon Bernthal) and Owen (Jake Weber), both delivering incredible performances and essential lessons to our lives.

Those who wish me dead – Hanna and Connor
Those who wish me dead – Hanna and Connor

Where can you watch Those Who Wish Me Dead?

The movie is currently available on HBO Max, but check this link to see in which streaming provider you can watch it in your country.

Our final rating for the movie is

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