Top 10 inspiring movies

Top 10 Inspiring Movies of 2021

2021 is ending, and it was an excellent year of incredible movies, at least. So we decided to rank the top 10 inspiring movies of 2021, reviewed by us at Spotamovie. We won’t follow our final rating, but they will be our suggestions for a year of great stories to bring with you in 2022. And wait for the end, because we will show you the table of the most popular articles of 2021 at Spotamovie. Are you ready? Let’s start!

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The Top 10 Inspiring Movies of 2021 by Spotamovie.

Position Number 10 – The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

We loved the characters in the movie. The continuous seeking of humanitas, love, forgiveness and art is truly inspiring. If Louis is the man who brought cats into our houses, he is also the one gifted with the power of feeling the electricity around us.

The Electrical life of 2021
The electrical life of Louis Wain.

Artists are like mediums to connect us with principles, ideas, and beauties around us. It’s like they can capture the electricity, follow and feel it so that they can gift us with their creations. Thanks to them we become better people and, perhaps, even our world improves. Louis taught us something, and he made the world a better place. Avaiable on Amazon Prime Video.

Position Number 9 – Paper Lives

This incredible movie comes from Turkey. It runs all over a powerful metaphor: we should make a recycling business of people less lucky than us and transform them into something more valuable and dignified for humanity.

Paper Lives
Paper Lives

It’s a touching film that will leave you breathless and engaged till the end. In this film, mental health is a crucial topic, and Paper Lives is a must-watch to restore the Humanitas lost within our consumeristic society. Available on Netflix.

Position Number 8 – CODA

Coda is in nomination at the Golden Globes 2022 for “Best Picture-Drama”. It is an inspiring movie. Cosa is a musical, a comedy, a drama. CODA embraces the idea of family, love, passions and equality. It makes you laugh, cry, think and reconsider your life. The film becomes music for deaf people.

CODA from the movie

And deaf doesn’t necessarily mean not hearing from your ears because most of the time, we don’t listen to those who silently try to enrich our lives. Another must-watch for the lovers of music and those looking for inspiration, and revisit their idea of family. Available on Apple TV Plus.

Position Number 7 – Finch

After CODA, another fantastic movie from Apple. Finch brings us to a scary future if we don’t start to take serious actions to solve the climax crisis. But it’s also about the decisive advantage of artificial intelligence and how quickly it can learn from us and, perhaps, produce a better world. Trust is the keyword in the movie.

Tom Hanks and his friends will keep you engaged, remind you of the luck we have enjoying the beauties of nature and the love of our beloved ones. Inspiring. Available on Apple TV Plus.

Position Number 6 – Man in Love

It’s a movie about love in all of its incredible shapes and meanings. But also about forgiveness, family, difficulties and daily survival. Perspective and misunderstandings are also two crucial topics that can change the way of any story. But what can a good man achieve in an evil world?

Man in love
Man in Love

Perhaps understanding the secret of love, precisely what makes it so wanted and desired. Do you want to know what it is? Watch the movie on Netflix and then read our complete analysis at We can guarantee that Man in Love will touch and hopefully improve the best-hidden part of your soul. Available on Netflix.

Position Number 5 – Mandela

What if we tell you that a single vote can change your future and the one of your community? Mandela is not the historical movie you can think of. Instead, it’s one of the most inspiring movies we have ever seen. But before you cast your vote, there is something more substantial that can change your community. If you want to discover more, ask Thenmozhi.


She is one of the most beautiful characters we have ever met. Her kindness and generosity will show us how to build a better world, where everyone can change and contribute with their verse to the poetry of our lives. Mandela is another must-watch of 2021, and it’s available on Netflix.

Position Number 4 – Luca

Pixar never disappoints. Therefore Luca is in nomination at the Golden Globes 2022 for “Best Animated Film.” And that’s a must-watch for children, but especially adults. Yes, because there is so much to learn and re-discover about our life.

Luca and Alberto
Luca and Alberto

From a multicultural idea of society to the pursuit of happiness and freedom, moving to the authentic power of a true friendship, following the dream of knowledge to get rid of bullies. Pixar converted a simple story into a fantastic adventure discovering life and all the beauties around it that we often forget. Must-watch. Available on Disney Plus.

Position Number 3 – Malik

A true story inspires the film, and we are talking about one of the best movies not only in 2021. The lover of cinematography will enjoy the movie, especially the first 15 minutes of single-shot camera movement. What a gem! He is the man who became the government for his people. Malik challenged the system to provide his people with a better life and protection.


His citizens so loved him that the police couldn’t arrest him. Malik inspires a better world with just one religion: respect. He is the Machivellian’s prince, with almost all of his virtues. A man who risked his life putting his people first. It comes from a true story, making the movie genuinely inspiring and a must-watch for generations. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Position Number 2 – Mimi

When a movie lets you laugh, cry and with your heart full of emotions and humanity, that means that it’s a masterpiece. And Mimi, it’s an absolute must-watch from India. “Life is a journey; just enjoy the ride”, says a song in the movie. The film touches on vital topics, showing us the lousy world we created, and teaching us how to make it better and full of love and life.


“Money rules over everything”, says another song, but Mimi will show us that life can be better than this. For the lovers of the character’s arch, that’s the movie for you, because it won’t only change our characters but also ourselves, and in a better way. Available on Netflix.

Position Number 1 – Jai Bhim

India is the absolute protagonist of our podium. If Mimi and Malik inspire a better world, Jai Bhim is the movie that shows us the way to achieve it. Two real people inspire the movie and our hearts: advocate Chandru and Ambedkar. They are two heroes of our time, and they deserve our attention and podium for what they did to make India and the world a better place.

Jai Bhim

Simply using our powerful weapon: the law. Chandru dangerously challenged the entire Indian system, bringing incredible results. But it’s not over, because we need to learn from them, do our part and unite ourselves in one and, from now on, universal shout: Jai Bhim! Ethics is the movie’s key; dialogues instead of violence is the message. Cinematography is what makes this story a masterpiece. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The best inspiring film of 2021, according to us. Watch the movie and read our analysis to find out more.

But we promise the list of the most popular movies you have read and enjoy at It was a surprise to us, but we love to listen to you. So let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Who knows what 2022 will bring us? For sure, we hope other exciting stories to share together. That’s what Spotamovie is about.

Spotamovie top 10 articles of 2021
The most popular article of 2021 at Spotamovie

Enjoy the movies and your 2022! Have a good adventure in the way of your journey.

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