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You Hurt My Feelings – 2023 Movie Review

Should we be brutally honest and tell the truth to our loved ones, or should we use white-soft lies to keep them motivated and in a good mood? And how to support the fragile dreams of our people? You Hurt My Feelings, a new 2023 movie, focuses on this aspect of our lives, bringing humour, real life and little dramas to our attention.

The film has already collected two nominations for “Best Indie Movie” and “Best Actress” Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The film last for one hour and thirty-three minutes of comedy and drama.

Produced by A24 and directed by Nicole Holofcener, the author of “The Last Duel,” the film will entertain you. Don’t expect a masterpiece but a simple drama of our lives with inspiring messages.

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You Hurt My Feelings - 2023 Movie Review - Are lies or truths the secrets of a happy love?
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The Story

It’s a real-life story, one we can witness every day in our lives. A family and friends live their best lives when, suddenly, our protagonist Beth hears her husband’s comments about her new book. It’s not exactly what she was expecting. Beth’s world collapses, and the Pandora’s box is now open.

  • How many other lies are covered under the day-to-day appearance?
  • Is a genuine lie part of a relationship?
  • Or is it better to always be honest with our loved ones without caring about their feelings?

The Trailer

You Hurt My Feelings | Official Trailer HD | A24

Movie Details

Release DateMay 2023
CountryUnited States
GenreDrama – Comedy
Duration1 hour and 33 minutes
DirectorNicole Holofcener
ActorsJulia Louis-Dreyfus (Beth) – Tobias Menzies (Don)
StreamingThe film is currently available for rent on these platforms.

Review – (Spoiler Alert)

The story is simple. We don’t have incredible twists, exhausting drama, climax or tensions. Everything during the film feels natural, almost like a reality show than a movie. Nevertheless, the story is well-developed, not a masterpiece, let’s be clear, but it connects the dots of the narrative.

The gifts scene is the secret to a happy relationship.

After Beth’s confession, the relationship with her husband, Don, is cracking. Tension arises, and they aren’t able to talk, even to help their afflicted son. But while they argue, Beth and Don confess to each other how they kept secrets about the unwanted gifts they exchanged during the years.

The couple lied to each other to protect the feelings of their loved ones. The movie teaches us that, instead, they learn how to laugh about it and make it an excellent point to restart their relationship. At the movie’s end, the couple goes to a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary and exchange gifts.

Don and Beth give each other unwanted presents. It’s an excellent way to accept the involuntary mistakes our loved one can make and take the person’s authenticity. Laughing wins over the criticism and lies. And, probably, this is the secret to a happy and healthy relationship.

The brutal honest hero is Frankie.

If the name won’t ring any bells in your mind, Frankie is the lovely Asian lady who commissions Beth’s sister to seek a unique lamp for her living room. Frankie is always brutally honest with Sarah. Anyway, in the end, when Sarah finally finds the perfect fit, Frankie celebrates her in the same genuine way. Frankie probably represents the essence of a healthy way to manage a relationship.

you hurt my feelings, frankie

Even Beth’s mum adopts the same principles as Frankie with her family. We may not like her, but she is always honest with her daughters and wins back her favourite shirt.

So, is being straightforward the secret?

Apparently no. We are sorry if you got the wrong idea. When Don tries to get rid of his eyes-bags, Beth seems to keep for herself her dissatisfaction to protect Don’s feelings. A little step back towards honesty? Maybe, but who has the recipe for a happy life, right?

Not even psychologists know how to support people.

The storyline of Don and his customers is one of the most exciting plots of the movie. Don “lies” to his patient, like many psychologists to their clients. Psychology should help the patient find their path, but sometimes a suggestion is worth more than thousands of questions. Don tries to be honest with his patients telling them what he thinks about their problems.

We can’t say it was a success, as the divorce idea almost cost him 33,000 dollars. But in another case, it helped Don not be offended again by his patient, who found Don’s work helpful for the first time.

And who is ready to listen to a psychologist complaining about life and his issues?


In conclusion, You Hurt My Feelings doesn’t offer us a solution, but several. Which one are you going to pick? Will you be more straightforward with your loved ones, or will you keep some soft lie to keep your partner, friend or family happy in a bubble of hypocrisy? The choice is yours.

Our final rating is 7 out of 10.

The actors were good, but the story needed more funny and engaging dialogue. Cinematography and photography are modest. From A24, we always expect the best. Sorry, no lies today but our brutal and honest opinion.

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